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Girl Scout Troop #20070 Creates Adapted Stories for Horizon School

1We would like to give a big thank you to Girls Scouts Troop #20070 for creating  sensory story book kits for students at our Horizon School. As part of our Sensory Story Time volunteer program, the girl scouts created “story boards” that allowed students with sensory integration issue to experience the story with all five sense. They adapted several stories to this format and read them to our students on Friday, April 11th.



CELEBRATING 60 YEARS – FACES OF CPNJ #55 -  Henry is a cheerful , hard working student who loves being part of class activities and projects. He loves technology – from iPads to cameras – and loves to pose for pictures. When he first came to Horizon School in 2007 he was a bit shy, but since he has blossomed. He has become a social butterfly, and is good friends with everyone in his class. Henry continues to work hard at Horizon School and will continue to grow and learn as much as he can!