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Harrison’s Jingle Ball 5K

Runners gathered on Sunday, December 8th in Harrison’s West Hudson Park to compete in the first annual Jingle Bell 5k run for Pillar Care. The event was presented by the Harrison Road Runners, who were inspired by the story of Rocco Mandaglio of Harrison. Rocoo who recently walked from Harrison to Fenway Park in Boston to raise funds for his sister Pam’s group home. Thank you to everyone who came out to help support our agency!

The final Horizon School class to be highlighted for our GivingTuesday campaign is Mr. Vincent’s middle school class. All of their gifts have been purchased by the generous employees of #Wissllp! Mr. Vincent’s students just finished Charlotte’s Web. The teacher read a few chapters to them each week and then students answered questions about what they heard. They also did a fun spider web activity. Looking ahead, the class will be traveling with a few other classes to a nearby school for a holiday singalong. Would you like to purchase a gift for a Horizon student too? Use this link!

Give a Gift this Holiday Season

This middle school class is active and communicative, use an iPad or other means to communicate. They recently voted on their favorite class and gym was the winner. These students all have well-established jobs to do in the classroom – they help the teacher pass out pencils, paint dabbers and other supplies and then collect them back at the end of the lessons. Help bring joy to Miss Glen Marie’s class by purchasing a gift from the students’ Amazon wish list by clicking the link below!

Pillar Schools Hire BCBA

Pillar Care has hired Erica Waltner, a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to support our program participants with behavior challenges. Erica has been working with individuals with developmental disabilities since 1995. She has a master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis with an emphasis in Autism. She is working at both Pillar Elementary School and Pillar High School (formerly Horizon Elementary School and Horizon High School) and is working as a consultant for our adult day programs. Please give Erica a big welcome when you see her!

Giving Tuesday Gift-a-thon: Ms. Marie’s Class

Today is Giving Tuesday, a national celebration of giving and charitable acts! Show your love today by purchasing a holiday gift for a student in Miss Marie’s class using the link below:

These students are in middle school and have more ownership in class activities. For instance, the students determine the structure of the class meeting each day by taking turns deciding what part of the meeting the class should do next: the weather, the pledge, calendar or attendance. The students also enjoy cooking in the Life Skills room – they’ve worked as a team to make pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, caramel apples and more.

Giving Tuesday Gift-a-thon!

Are you online shopping this #cybermonday? Don’t forget to purchase a gift for a Pillar (formerly Horizon) student from the school’s Amazon wish lists using the links below! The gifts will ship directly to Pillar Elementary School!

Ms. Tiffany’s Class:

Ms. Laura’s Class:

Ms. Julia’s Class:

Ms. Dawn’s Class:

Ms. Robin’s Class:

Giving Tuesday Gift-a-thon: Ms. Tiffany’s Class


Miss Tiffany’s class is working hard on functional tasks like sorting, cleaning their classroom and other fine motor skills. They use a variety of means to communicate, including communication books or boards of pictures and words. One student uses a voice output device connected to a switch that can be activated with just the slightest wiggle of a finger, while another student uses eye-gaze technology to make choices and communicate. To purchase a holiday gift for a student in Miss Tiffany’s class, click here!

Giving Tuesday Gift-a-thon: Ms. Laura’s Class

Miss Laura’s class is very active and hands-on; they love activities that they can touch and feel, like science and art. Their favorite thing to touch is the giant Smartboard at the front of their class in order to participate in interactive educational games and projects. Recently, each student used the Smartboard to design their own Veteran’s Day poster. Support Miss Laura’s class by buying a holiday gift for a student by clicking the link below!

Pillar Schools Thanksgiving

Pillar Schools (formerly CPNJ’s Horizon Schools) wrapped up their Thanksgiving festivities today at our Pillar Elementary School, following Pillar High’s feast last Friday. Pillar staff members and volunteers stopped by both schools to serve our Pillar students a delicious spread of Thanksgiving classics. Special thanks to all of our volunteers for taking the time to give our students a wonderful afternoon.

Giving Tuesday Gift-a-thon: Ms. Julia’s Class

Miss Julia’s class is the #1 fan of Go Noodle, a singing group they listen to while doing their movement activities on floor mats! Each student is also designing his or her own 100 days of school calendar. Every day each student chooses an object – feather, sticker, crayon – to glue to their calendar. The students make their choices by grabbing or motioning with their hands or looking at the object that they want. Would you provide a holiday gift for one of these special children? Click the link below!