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Horizon Elementary Holiday Sing-Along

Today students from our Horizon Elementary School gathered together in the gymnasium for a holiday-themed sing-along. Students shared instruments as they played, sang and danced their way into the wintery holiday spirit.

Renee Mclendon wins CPNJ’s Positive Impact Award

Renee McLendon, of CPNJ’s Irvington Adult Training Center, was recently selected as a recipient of the agency’s Positive Impact Award for her pursuit of caregiving beyond her call of duty. Congratulations and thank you Renee (seen here (right) with Irvington ATC manager Diane Scott (left)).

Seton Hall Volunteers Service on Saturday


CPNJ group home residents recently attended another great event with Seton Hall University volunteers. The group worked hand in hand playing New York City themed games and making cityscape crafts. A few consumers even showcased singing performances for their volunteer friends! A huge thanks to SHU’s Division of Volunteer Efforts and their Service on Saturday Program.

Horizon High School Elects Student Body Government

With the field narrowed, Horizon High School students took to the voting booths one last time to cast their final ballots for their new student body government yesterday. Today, each vote was diligently counted and Horizon High School is pleased to welcome its new representatives. Congratulations and best of luck to Horizon High Schools 2019 student body officials!





Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts

Over the past weekend, volunteers from the Wakefern Emerging Professionals Association and their family members helped host a fun autumnal event with group home residents. The group made Thanksgiving posters and played games. Special thanks to our volunteers for sharing in a wonderful day with our consumers.

Horizon Elementary School Thanksgiving Luncheon

CPNJ wrapped up its Thanksgiving festivities today at our Horizon Elementary School. CPNJ Board members and volunteers stopped by to serve our Horizon students and their families a delicious spread of Thanksgiving classics. Special thanks to all of our volunteers for taking the time to give our students a wonderful afternoon.

Horizon High School Thanksgiving Luncheon

Today, our Horizon High School held its annual Thanksgiving Luncheon for students and their families. Guests from many different departments of CPNJ, board members, and volunteers came to help serve, and share in enjoying the Thanksgiving spread. Special thanks to all the volunteers who came out for this delightful afternoon.

Wayne Adult Training Center Thanksgiving Luncheon

On Tuesday, our Wayne Adult Training Center held its annual Thanksgiving Luncheon for consumers and their families. CPNJ department heads, board members and parents alike came to help serve, and share in enjoying the Thanksgiving feast. Special thanks to all Wayne ATC staff members for orchestrating this delightful afternoon.

Weather Alert for Thursday 11/15/18

Due to the weather forecast for Thursday, CPNJ will close the Irvington, Wayne and Orange Adult Training Centers at noon tomorrow, Horizon Elementary School and Horizon High School will be closed at 1:00pm, and there will not be any extended day program.  Please be careful and stay warm!