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Biwanko Drum Core Visits Horizon Summer Camp

Yesterday, students in our Horizon Summer Camp enjoyed a wonderful drum performance from Biwanko, a non-profit organization that teaches Japanese traditional drumming. One of the Biwanko performers was Yumi Song, a regular CPNJ volunteer! After the performance, students got the chance to trial the drums and received a drum lesson from the Biwanko team. A big thanks to the group for a great experience!

Knitting at CPNJ’s Wayne Adult Training Center

While home on break from college, volunteer Jaclyn Stinziano sought to use her summer for more than basking in the sun. An avid knitter, Jaclyn began teaching two consumers at our Wayne Adult Training Center how to knit on a loom. Our consumers loved knitting and spending time with their new friend. They plan to complete their first garment, a winter hat, in the next few weeks. Special thanks to Jaclyn for donating her time and expertise, and to Kathy Sullivan for donating proper knitting looms and yarn to our Wayne ATC.

Job Site Surprise

Anthony, a participant at CPNJ’s Irvington Adult Training Center, has been working at Antonio’s Salon and Spa in Livingston for the last 5 years. Anthony has captured the hearts of clients and fellow staff members alike with his work ethic, dedication and love for socializing. Today, his birthday, Anthony was greeted with gifts and treats from his fellow coworkers. Special thanks to members of Antonio’s Salon for making Anthony’s day and work experience so extraordinary.

Horizon Elementary School Theater Presents “Once Upon a Time”

Last week, the Horizon Elementary School Theater – in conjunction with Paper Mill Playhouse – was proud to present its summer show: “Once Upon a Time: A Disney Extravaganza.” Family members and loved ones gathered as students performed Disney classics. Special thanks to our friends at Paper Mill Playhouse’s adopt a school program for their undivided help in production!

Horizon Elementary Students Prep for Coming Show

Horizon Elementary students further perfect their lines and choreography in preparation for their upcoming summer show, “Once Upon a Time.” The Horizon School Players will be performing their much-awaited show this Friday, August 10th, at 9:45 am at CPNJ’s Horizon Elementary School. Friends and family are more than welcome to come experience the magic! Special thanks to volunteers from Paper Mill Playhouse’s adopt a school program for honing our students’ talents.

Volunteer Vacation at Horizon Elementary!

Recently, the Patel family visiting from Austin, Texas joined forces with their family friends from Livingston, the Bedi family, to spend time volunteering at CPNJ’s Horizon Elementary School. Special thanks to our volunteers Jayden, Amaya, Zayaan and Kiara for spending a creative afternoon of arts and crafts with our students! #volunteervacation

Horizon Elementary School Welcomes Familiar Face as Principal

CPNJ is pleased to announce that, after an extensive search, Hetty Kintiroglou has been selected to lead our Horizon Elementary School.  Hetty has been with Horizon for 13 years, starting as a speech language pathologist before being promoted to Director of Therapy and then Supervisor of Instruction.

Please join us in congratulating Hetty and wishing her continued success!

Horizon High Students Visit CPNJ’s Administrative Office

Today, students from CPNJ’s Horizon High School visited our administrative office in Livingston to learn more about the inner workings of the agency. After taking a guided tour of the building, lead by CPNJ’s President and CEO Purna Rodman Conare, students convened for a delicious lunch with members of our admin staff. Special thanks to our guests of honor for taking the time to learn more about our agency and its personnel!