Horizon Elementary School

Horizon Elementary School in Livingston serves students ages 3-13 with multiple disabilities from throughout New Jersey. The curriculum stresses functional learning – increasing life skills and enhancing a child’s ability to gain as much independence as possible. We emphasize self-determination, independence, and communication.

Speech, physical and occupational therapies are incorporated into the classroom setting and, assistive technology and augmentative communication devices foster greater interaction and choice making. We also have on-site nurses to meet the medical needs of our students.

The school offers:

  • On-site aquatic therapy pool
  • Hippo therapy (which involves horseback riding at a local stable)
  • Spacious medical suite opened in 2011 to meet the needs of students with significant medical challenges
  • Vision sensory room for students with visual challenges
  • 2,500 square-foot accessible outdoor play park with an outdoor classroom and greenhouse
  • State-of-the-art therapy room
  • A therapeutic Preschool program

Be sure to check out our www.horizonschoolsnj.org to learn more.

You can also contact:

Teresa Hatch
Outreach Coordinator
(973) 821-8091 ext. 1218