Developmental Intervention

Developmental intervention helps families and early intervention practitioners implement child-focused services through a team approach that facilitates development within natural settings and activities in the context of meaningful relationships. EIP practitioners, service coordinators, families, and designated community agencies can work together as a team to meet the child and family’s needs and support each child’s growth and development.

Children eligible for early intervention receive developmental intervention to address developmental delays. Developmental intervention will be provided at the intensity and frequency determined by the IFSP team, which always includes family members. Development intervention (includes but is not limited to) these types of activities:

  • Promoting a positive parent-child relationship as the core of intervention efforts
  • Identifying activities and daily routines which can be utilized as learning opportunities for the child
  • Working directly with the child and any other persons identified by the family
  • Sharing knowledge of child development with families
  • Teaching the family to design learning environments and materials to promote the child’s acquisition of a variety of skills
  • Networking with and providing consultation to community providers and friends that the family chooses
  • Monitoring progress toward meeting developmental outcomes
  • Coordinating the intervention activities that are provided within the New Jersey Early Intervention System’s team

Children eligible for early intervention receive  discipline specific services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language therapy and/or family support services based on child/family’s assessment information.

For more information please contact:

Carolyn Russo-Azer
Director of the Early Intervention Program
(973) 821 – 8265