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Thank You Pillar Care Group Home Staff Members

Please join us in thanking the incredibly dedicated staff members working at our group homes. Our residents have severe disabilities and medical challenges and are among those most at-risk with the spread of COVID-19. Our group home staff members continue to provide around-the-clock care to ensure their well-being. Please post a message of support to our heroes in the front lines so they know how much we appreciate them. #continuumthroughcovid

Update: March 16th (COVID19)


Due to concerns related to the COVD-19 virus, our three day programs will be closed for participants for the next two weeks beginning tomorrow, March 17th.  Staff members will continue to come to work as usual and this time will be utilized for training and alternate work assignments as needed.  By order of the Governor, all schools (including Pillar Schools) will also be closed for two weeks beginning tomorrow.  Thank you to all of our staff members for your steadfast commitment to our program participants throughout this difficult time.  To our family members, please know we will be here to support you in any way we can.