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Horizon High School’s Karate Presentation

Since Last Summer, Paul Del Sordo from Hwang Karate in Springfield has come to Horizon High School once a week to run an adapted martial arts class for the students. Focusing on discipline, mobility, and strength the classes have not only helped the students, but have become something they greatly look forward to. To show the progress the students have made Horizon High School held a “Karate Presentation” for all parents. After showing off all their progress the students were given awards for all their hard work!

The program will continue in the summer and throughout the next year and is funded entirely by  the money raised from the Horizon High School Wheelin’ – N’ – Walkin’ Challenge.

Celebrating 60 Years – Faces of CPNJ #11

CELEBRATING 60 YEARS – FACES OF CPNJ #11 – Dylan first joined Horizon School in 2003. Since that time Dylan has worked with therapists to make major improvements in his communication and walking. Dylan can now use his voice to express himself, as well as use a gait trainer to walk on a treadmill. If Dylan keeps working as hard as he is, there is no limit to what he can achieve!