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Celebrating 60 Years – Faces of CPNJ – Jarrett

CELEBRATING 60 YEARS – FACES OF CPNJ #10 Jarrett started at our Wayne Adult Training Center is October of 2004. Since that time Jarret has improved tremendously. He has become a great friend to everyone around him, and has become much more independent. On Tuesdays , Jarrett goes to work at the YMCA in Booton – where he has been working for over 5 years!!

Horizon School Student Writes Letter to the Governor

Tijea, a student at Horizon School, has written a letter inviting Governor Chris Christie to come visit him and his classmates at Horizon School. After learning the Governor attended Elementary School in the same building, Tijea thought that he could convince the Governor to come see his school. Tijea worked hard, and wrote and sent his very own letter.

Tijea, along with everyone at Horizon School, hopes Governor Christie will come visit Horizon School!