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Celebrating 60 Years – Faces of CPNJ #5

CELEBRATING 60 YEARS – FACES OF CPNJ # 5 Will just joined our Horizon School in the fall of 2012. He has already improved in many areas, most significantly  is his progress in physical therapy.  Will has been working to walk longer distances and complete daily activities independently; everyday he is getting closer and closer to that goal. He can walk for much longer, and needs little assistance with tasks that used to be completed with support from staff.

Celebrating 60 Years – Staff Spotlight

Celebrating 60 Year – Staff Spotlight  – Juanita, a Personal Aide at our Horizon High School has proudly served this agency for nearly 30 years.  She recalled her favorite CPNJ memories . . . “There are 30 years of best memories for me.  Mostly seeing the children of all ages and the transformations they make.  One great memory in the agency was witnessing my late God Daughter Latiffa grow and learn in both our Horizon School and our Horizon High School. “

We thank Juanita for her tireless dedication to CPNJ’s mission, and the positive role she has played in so many students’ lives!