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“The Science of Magic” at Horizon School

On Monday, 3/18 students at Horizon School were treated to a performance entitled “The Science of Magic” with Mr. Fish. This was no ordinary magic show, as he explained scientific concepts such as air pressure, magnetism, light, condensation, and optical illusions as they related to specific magic tricks.  It was educational and loads of fun!  Thanks to Mr. Fish for visiting Horizon School.

Celebrating 60 Years – Crystal Davonski


Crystal not only lives in one of our Community Residences, but also has been attending our Orange Adult Training Center for the last 9 years. In that time Crystal has shown her determination by working with CPNJ staff to reach a long list of personal goals. Crystal exercises on adapted equipment, operates a personal computer, and can even cook and prepare her own meals.

Despite achieving so much over the last 9 years, we feel it’s only a glimpse of her full potential!