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Irvington Adult Training Center’s Wheelin’ – N’ – Walkin’ Challenge

On June 21st at Irvington Park our Irvington Adult Training Center held their annual Wheelin’ – N’ – Walkin’ Challenge.  On a beautiful Friday afternoon, consumers, staff, and sponsors all went one lap around the track. The event raised over $7,500 all of which will go directly to our Irvington ATC. Thank you so much to the “Dream Team”, Shakira Richardson, Angela Dickey, Renee Mclendon, Nyesha Coleman for organizing this wonderful event.

REACH program’s Wheelin’ – N’ – Walkin’ Challenge

Our REACH program’s first Wheelin’ – N’ – Walkin’ Challenge at Morristown-Beard School was a huge success. The event raised nearly $2,000; all of which will go directly to the REACH program. Consumers, friends, family, and staff all participated in one lap around the track which was followed by several activities including a relay race, hoola hooping, a sponge race, and a water balloon game. Thank you so much Kristina Olszewski, Sam Covington, Thomas Mitchell, and Joan Carter for organizing the event, and  Thank you to Morristown-Beard School for letting us use their field.