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“Reflect, Reconnect, Refocus, and Recharge”

On April 19th, CPNJ held an Agency Conference for all employees titled “Reflect, Reconnect, Refocus, and Recharge”. Speaker Raoul Nolan had everyone energized with exercises designed to inspire, motivate, and grow. Attendees performed team building exercises, self evaluation activities, and even created posters showcasing the true spirit of CPNJ!

Grandparents Day at Horizon High School

Grandparents Day at our Horizon High School was quite a spectacle. Grandparents came to visit the students, and spent the day celebrating with a variety of fun activities, including; playing games, dancing, and listening to a wonderful performance from Horizon High School’s very own Totally Wired.

Everyone had a blast – Next year’s Grandparents Day can’t come soon enough!!