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Balloon Show at Horizon School

On 7/17/12, Horizon School was filled with the sounds of music , thanks to a visit from Earl Hicks of “Zoom Balloon.” Students and staff danced, sang, laughed and clapped while holding brightly colored balloons. Everyone had a wonderful time, and the auditorium looked like a rainbow! This was Earl’s third visi  Horizon School. Thanks again, Earl. We can’t wait until you come back to see us next year!

Horizon High School Student gets his story told

Last week, we posted a story about Adam, a student at Horizon High School.  We thought you might like to know more about his story and what he endured at his last school.  His story was published last year in a book called Mommy, I Wish I could Tell You What They Did To Me In School Today, which highlighted a number of cases of students with disabilities being mistreated.  Just click here to read:

Mommy, I wish I could tell you what they did to me in school today