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Local Nonprofit ‘Fight for Mike’ buys Horizon Student a pair of medical goggles

Horizon School student Mike scratched at his eyes and damaged his retna. Staff recommended he purchase goggles that would ensure his eyes remained protected at all times, but his family did not have the resources. We turned to our friends… at Fight for Mike, a local nonprofit that provides direct support to children with CP: They purchased the new goggles and now Mike loves them so much he won’t take them off. Thanks to everyone at Fight for Mike and special thanks to Fight for Mike board members Frank Rotella and Vladimir Korolov for coming out to visit Mike today!

REACH consumer volunteers at Newport Nursing Home

This is REACH consumer Erin, she started her first day as a volunteer greeter/receptionist at Newport Nursing Home in Jersey City today. She had a wonderful time volunteering and is greatly looking forward to returning.
If anyone has volunteer opportunities for the participants of our Reach Program, Please Contact Kristina Olszewski at