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Horizon Hillside Helping Hands Day

On  Friday, June 14th Horizon School was host to some very special guests. The entire 4th grade class from Hillside School in Livingston came to spend some time with our students. To promote understanding of children with disabilities, students from Horizon School and Hillside School worked side by side on a series of activities ranging from; music, computers, cooking, bowling, building blocks, drama, science, and art. Both schools had a wonderful time making new friends, and the day could not be more successful

Horizon School’s Preschool Graduation

On June 17th, Horizon School held a graduation ceremony for the graduating preschool class. Preschool students Andrew, Chaya, and Joshua all worked extremely hard in the preschool program and it was proud day for not only their family, but also Horizon School. Congratulations to Andrew, Chaya, and Joshua!