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Celebrating 60 Years – Board Spotlight

Celebrating 60 years – Board Spotlight

Barry Ostrowsky

Barry Ostrowsky has served on the board at CPNJ for more than 20 years, including a term as President.  He helped lead the campaign committees that raised more than $3 million to renovate Horizon School and build Horizon High School.  He served as the honoree of the agency’s Steps to Independence Celebration in 1999 and joined former honorees Burt Eichler, Kelly Marx and Justin Walder as co-honorees for the same event in 2009.

Currently President and CEO of Saint Barnabas Medical System, Barry has always been interested in helping others. In the mid-1980’s, longtime CPNJ board member Burt Eichler asked Barry to join the Board of Trustees.  “I had such tremendous respect for Burt and his commitment to the agency,” recalled Barry.  “He was a true model, particularly in his insistence on the importance of giving back to the community.  I had to say yes.”

We thank Barry for his years of dedication to CPNJ and it’s mission!