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Giving Tuesday Gift-a-thon: Ms. Tiffany’s Class


Miss Tiffany’s class is working hard on functional tasks like sorting, cleaning their classroom and other fine motor skills. They use a variety of means to communicate, including communication books or boards of pictures and words. One student uses a voice output device connected to a switch that can be activated with just the slightest wiggle of a finger, while another student uses eye-gaze technology to make choices and communicate. To purchase a holiday gift for a student in Miss Tiffany’s class, click here!

Giving Tuesday Gift-a-thon: Ms. Laura’s Class

Miss Laura’s class is very active and hands-on; they love activities that they can touch and feel, like science and art. Their favorite thing to touch is the giant Smartboard at the front of their class in order to participate in interactive educational games and projects. Recently, each student used the Smartboard to design their own Veteran’s Day poster. Support Miss Laura’s class by buying a holiday gift for a student by clicking the link below!