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Celebrating 60 Years – Staff Spotlight

CELEBRATING 60 YEARS – Staff Spotlight – Marie Rem has been a teacher at Horizon School for over 10 years. She has a lot of great memories but her favorite memory was this …  “Many years ago, I had a student graduate into my primary level class from our preschool.  He was a young student who was limited in many areas of development, including play, mobility, self-help and language.  After having this student in my class for about a year and a half, and the day after he turned 7 years old, he began to walk independently!  This was such an enormous accomplishment for him.  I can remember walking out of the classroom with him and he let my hand go and kept walking and walking.  I was so excited; I was cheering him on so loudly that other teachers and staff came out of their classrooms to see what was going on.  He walked all the way down the hallway and into the office.  I was amazed by this new skill.


What makes my job so fulfilling is celebrating all the small, day to day accomplishments that our students achieve.  To many people, these small feats may not be a big deal, but to us, knowing how hard the student had to work to overcome his or her disability to reach a goal is huge.  Celebrating these accomplishments allow our students to shine.”


Thank you Marie for your years of hard work and dedication to the students!

Celebrating 60 Years – Faces of CPNJ – Jarrett

CELEBRATING 60 YEARS – FACES OF CPNJ #10 Jarrett started at our Wayne Adult Training Center is October of 2004. Since that time Jarret has improved tremendously. He has become a great friend to everyone around him, and has become much more independent. On Tuesdays , Jarrett goes to work at the YMCA in Booton – where he has been working for over 5 years!!