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Another Member of Our REACH Program Finds a Job

We have great news to share! Valerie, a member of our REACH program has just found a job. Starting Thursday, Valerie will be going weekly to work for a tax services company. She will hand out flyers to potential customers detailing the services that the company provides. This an excellent opportunity for Valerie and she can’t wait to get started!!

“Eyes on the Prize” visits Horizon School

Several students from Randolph High School’s “Eyes on the Prize” volunteered at our Horizon School yesterday. Along with Vice Principal of Randolph High School Lee  Hackney and club supervisor Lisa Holloway, the Volunteers spent the day with our students doing a fun arts and crafts project. The students had a wonderful time exploring their creative side and are very proud of their art!

Thank you again to “Eyes on the Prize” and Lee Hackney for spending some time with our students!