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Speech Program at Irvington ATC

The speech program at the Irvington ATC is in full swing as the New Year begins. Staff and consumers both enjoy learning a new language during interactive sign language sessions.

Qaneasha’s participation in the Sign Language discussions has given her the chance to speak successfully in front of a group. They have learned how to ask and tell their names and addresses.

Sonny and Elizabeth have added conversation-friendly Quickfires such as: “Really?”, “Excuse Me!”, and “Oops!” to their Springboard Lite Communication Devices which have added cool additions to their already lively conversations.

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Jersey Cares- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Through the coordination of Jersey Cares, the group home residents were treated to a morning of fun activities to celebrate Martin Luther King Day on Monday, January 16th. Volunteers included representatives of Eli Lilly, Green Mountain Coffee, NJCASA, Americorps and individuals from the community. Special thanks to volunteer Carole Asymkos, the Jersey Cares project coordinator for this event. To see more pictures from this event, check out our facebook page!