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Pillar Schools Thanksgiving

Pillar Schools (formerly CPNJ’s Horizon Schools) wrapped up their Thanksgiving festivities today at our Pillar Elementary School, following Pillar High’s feast last Friday. Pillar staff members and volunteers stopped by both schools to serve our Pillar students a delicious spread of Thanksgiving classics. Special thanks to all of our volunteers for taking the time to give our students a wonderful afternoon.

Giving Tuesday Gift-a-thon: Ms. Julia’s Class

Miss Julia’s class is the #1 fan of Go Noodle, a singing group they listen to while doing their movement activities on floor mats! Each student is also designing his or her own 100 days of school calendar. Every day each student chooses an object – feather, sticker, crayon – to glue to their calendar. The students make their choices by grabbing or motioning with their hands or looking at the object that they want. Would you provide a holiday gift for one of these special children? Click the link below!