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Due to the forecast of a wintry mix and/or ice in the morning, the following programs will have a delayed open:
Pillar Elementary and High Schools: 90 minute delay (Staff report at 9:30a, Students at 10:00a)
Day Programs: 2 hour delay (Staff report at 9:00a, Program Starts at 10a)
Be safe out there!

Pillar Peer Project: Holiday Sing Along

Last week, students from our Pillar Elementary School visited friends at Livingston’s Hillside Elementary for a holiday-themed sing-along. Students from both schools shared instruments as they played, sang and danced their way into the holiday spirit. The sing-along is part of the Pillar Peer Project (formerly the Hillside-Horizon Helping Hands program), which creates opportunities for special needs students to interact with their non-disabled peers.