Mitzvah Projects

There are numerous ways in which a child can complete his or her mitzvah project with CPNJ.

Immersed in the Classroom

A volunteer can work at our Horizon School for children with multiple disabilities in Livingston. The child would give one-on-one support to the students at Horizon school whether in the classroom, physical education department, music department or the afterschool program.

Wheelin’-n-Walkin’ Challenge (WWC)

The WWC is a walkathon to raise funds for special programming for Horizon School. Volunteers are paired with a student and raise funds for their student throughout the year. On the day of the walk, volunteers assist the student in the walk.

Community Residence

Volunteers make friendly visits to adults with developmental disabilities are our community residence in Orange and can assist with crafts and other activities.

The CPNJ Volunteer Coordinator will also collaborate with mitzvah volunteers to develop new projects that enhance the lives of people with disabilities.

New in 2012 CPNJ has partnered with The Partnership for Jewish Learning and Life to offer a new component to the mitzvah volunteer experience. Participants will meet about four times a year to discuss Jewish text and values in relation to their work with CPNJ. These group sessions are a chance for students to reflect on their experiences with their volunteer projects at CPNJ in a Jewish context, as well as creating a social network inspired by community outreach and giving.

For more information please contact:

Corry DeMarco
Volunteer Coordinator
(973) 763-9900, ext. 1626